This is the official wiki for G-Returner's HORROR ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS play-by-post Campaign, on the Play@Yog-Sothoth Forums.

Our investigators

Dr. Howard Phillips - American Doctor of Medicine - Played by Howerd Phillips
Luigi di Lecce - Italian Dilettante Aristocrat - Played by kabukiman
Felicity Hayward - English Dilettante - Played by Mr. Handy
Oya Sevim - Turkish Dancer - Played by ImpInTraining

Relevant NPCs

Professor Julius Smith, an old friend
James Beddows, Prof.Smith's late manservant
Mehmet Makryat, ?
Inspector Fleming, in charge of the Makryat investigation
Detective Rigby, in charge of the arson case at Prof.Smith's house
Henry Stanley, a missing train enthusiast

Dr. Leroux, new director of the Charenton asylum
Dr. Delplace, former director of Charenton, recently deceased
Martin Guimart, former employee at Charenton, now an insane inmate there
Paul Mandrin, disgruntled employee at Charenton
Christian and Véronique Lorien, a French couple living on the former grounds of Fenalik's villa

Edgar Wellington, a late man in Switzerland who researched the Sedefkar Simulacrum
Duc des Esseintes, a former friend of Edgar Wellington, who took one of the scrolls from him
Maximillian von Wurtheim a.k.a. Max, an acquaintance of the Duc and Edgar

Caterina Cavollaro, a missing opera singer you met on the train
Arturo Faccia, a late businessman from Milan who was ruthlessly looking for the Simulacrum

Maria Stagliani, a woman you met on the train
Giorgio, her lover
Alberto Rossini, an influent Fascist Party member and unwanted suitor of Maria


The Sedefkar Simulacrum
The Sedefkar Scrolls
Comte Fenalik
, the last known owner of the Simulacrum
The case of Randolph and Albert Alexis
The journal of Etienne Delplace, director of the Charenton asylum
A letter from Edgar Wellington
The journal of Edgar Wellington

Newspaper articles

4th of January 1923
5th of January 1923

7th of January 1923

15th of January 1923

16th of January 1923

17th of January 1923

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